U1-35 AGM Battery

Power Source Batteries


Voltage: 12V

Capacity (20 HR): 35Ah

Dimensions: 7.68 in (195 mm) x 5.12 in (130 mm) x 6.46 in (164 mm)

Weight: 24.70 lbs (11.20 kg)


Acid Volume: N/A

Rated Capacity (Amps): 1.75A

Yuasa Crossover: N/A

Power Source AGM Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries are sealed and activated at the time of manufacture.  In our warehouse all batteries are maintained and shipped fully-charged and ready for use.  This makes all Power Source batteries convenient; install and you are ready to ride.  Like all batteries, whether on the shelf, in storage, or in seldom used applications make sure your battery is kept properly charged.

The Power Source AGM factory activated batteries provide:

  • Maintenance free – No water adding required
  • Sealed Valve Regulated
  • Spill and leak proof
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Plate grids from lead-calcium alloy, free of antimony
  • Installs vertically or horizontally
  • Long Shelf – Charged and ready for use
  • Excellent starting and cycling
WARNING: These products can expose you to the chemical lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Type: AGM Battery